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I'm building my career as a copywriter alongside the writing I do for children. Below are some links to and descriptions of the work I have done.


I write and edit a variety of web copy for Numberfit. Click for a sample of my copy.


I'm currently completing a diploma in copywriting. Below are some samples of my writing from assignments I have completed in my course.

Sales copy:

The Honda CR-V: The athlete of SUVs.
Promotional copy about a brand new car model for the company's website landing page. Click to read.

Cycling Scheme
An introductory task for my course was to write some sales copy for a mode of transport. I chose cycling. Click to read.


ReWorks are a way I practise my writing. I rework existing copy that I find out there in the world.

The copy I choose to rework isn't necessarily flawed in any way. I just find it an effective way to practise and gain experience with no actual clients.


My ReWork: