Peter Lambden


About Me

I have worked as an early years primary school teacher for many years. I specialise in writing for children, for both education and entertainment. Working in a fast-paced school environment has taught me the need for brevity and coherence in my writing. Teaching has taught me how to quickly and concisely make a clear point. This job has also given me godlike powers of patience.


I have been a key stage one teacher for a number of years. Alongside my work as a class teacher, I have also been the curriculum leader for science, history and geography for some time. In my curriculum leader roles I have put together training packages, written visions and aims for subjects and maintained the content on subject areas of the school websites. I have also led my schools to successfully gain a range of awards and recognitions in science. An example of this is the Primary Science Quality Mark, which involved writing many briefs and evaluations.