Peter Lambden


Web development

I enjoy writing code. A few years ago I taught myself HTML, CSS and Javascript. Now I can write web pages from scratch, using these languages (this site itself is coded using nothing more than notepad).

I can also use a variety of libraries and other web technologies. I have built pages using Wordpress and am adept with frameworks like React and Node. Going a bit further back, I have used JQuery, Bootstrap and Pure.css.

Tiptree Academy of Performing Arts

In 2013 a friend asked me to put together a site for their performing arts school. I initially coded the site and provided all the copy. The clients were extremely happy, but after time they wanted more immediate control over the written content. It was a site tha required quick updates of news, prices, class times and so forth. Building a CMS in something like PHP was (and is) beyond me, so I what I knew about Wordpress to transfer their site over to it, giving them control over the content.

The site you see today has little of my original written content, but I do visit regularly to clean up and optimise the site behind the scenes.

The Upbeats Band

Another friend asked me to put together a site for his band. I used Wordpress to begin with, but transitioned back into a site I have hard-coded myself when the clients started to struggle with updating it.

The written copy on this site is all my own work.

Jim Walsh Accountant

This is a recent site I was asked to put together. Again, it has been hard-coded by me, without any frameworks or CMS.

The whole aim of this site is to drive business to a freelance accountant. I have used everything I know about SEO to put this together.

Magic Tiger

My sister site which hosts various projects and pages I have tinkered with while learning to code. Disclaimer: It's a right mess. But I can't bring myself to throw away all of my learner projects.

Star Wars Blogs

When learning to code I used to make pretend blogs. I would see a blog or website somewhere and challenge myself to recreate the look. In order to have content, I made up some Star Wars stuff. I have included it here as an example of my writing.