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To be cycling is to be winning. In 2020, we’re beginning to realise the true value of things: the importance of being active, our responsibility to look after our planet, the benefits of enjoying the simple things in our lives. Cycling can bring all this to you. For a fraction of the price of a car, and a fraction of the costs of its maintenance, you can be hitting your health goals and reducing your carbon footprint every single day.

Government grants can help you to buy a bike in a way that suits you, including interest-free loans and payment instalments. There’s even a Fix Your Bike voucher scheme that gives a £50 grant to anybody needing repairs on their bike. What’s more, the growing network of safe cycle lanes across the country means that cycling can give you the freedom to enjoy your commute at your own pace. You’ll appreciate new things on your journey, free from the burden of traffic jams and road rage. Savour your own small piece of the world with every turn of the pedal.