Peter Lambden


Work samples

Education pages

I have made a lot of teaching resources, which I now give away on TES (The Times Educational Supplement website). Running a page on TES has taught me a lot about keywords, marketing and SEO. See my profile here.
My Phase 4 word bank has been particularly successful, and has taught me a lot about SEO.


In the absence of work for which I have been paid, here are some links to articles I have submitted to different places. The tone and subject of the articles vary. Hopefully they manage to give a picture of my writing style and ability.

Short stories

I love to write in any way. Short stories are a medium I love and I've written a few over the years. Clicking the links here will either open a PDF file of the story, or take you straight to the publication in which it can be found.

Fine Lines

"Fine Lines" is a 100-word story I entered into the April application of Morgen Bailey's 100-Word Comp. The theme was "20:20 vision" and the entries had to be exactly one hundred words long. My story placed as "highly commended", which I was very proud of. You can see my shout-out here.


"LY" is a piece of flash fiction I entered into the Christopher Fielden's Adverbially Challenged competition. It can currently be read online, and will hopefully soon be published as part of an anthology.

Gethin, Get In

"Gethin, Get In" is another piece of flash fiction I entered, this time into the Christopher Fielden's Nonsensically Challenged competition. It, too, can currently be read online and will hopefully soon be published.

Star Wars Blogs

To sharpen my writing skills, to learn to code for the web, and because I have too much time on my hands, I have created a range of blogs based on popular characters and events from Star Wars. Enjoy reading them below.

My Blog, This Is
Going Solo
Sith Happens

Front-end coding

Since 2012 I have been teaching myself to code for the web. I am now very an expert in HTML, very good with CSS and can scrape by with Javascript. I am also very familiary with a range libraries and plug-ins for these languages. Though I consider myself a coding hobbyist, I am able to put together a funstioning website from scratch, as evident by the site you are currently on.

I coded this site froms scratch, with no extra plug-ins or copied code. You can find more projects of mine at

In terms of content writing, my in-depth knowledge of HTML makes me quick and proficient when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation).


I've taken existing copy and rewritten it. I find it's good practise to help me write concisely and with brevity. I don't mean to suggest that there is anything wrong with the copy in the first place. It's just good practise for me.

This is an instruction leaflet that came with a screen protector. On the left is the original content. On the right is my re-worked version.